10 Ways to Show Gratitude at Work

happy officeMost adults spend a majority of their waking hours at the workplace.  By simply showing a bit of gratitude and appreciation for your coworkers, you have the ability to transform your workplace into a fun and enjoyable environment for yourself and the hardworking people around you.  One of the biggest gifts you can give another is gratitude; for their efforts, for their commitment, and for their help.

Shawn Achor, founder and CEO of Good Think, Inc., says “the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged workforce.”  Whether you intend to show your gratitude for your boss, support team, or peers, here are 10 effective ways to show gratitude in the workplace.

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Cool Utility for App Developers

Developers, looking for a handy tool that lets you track performance on the Apple App Store?  Check out App Store Rankings.

App Store Rankings’ free plan includes the ability to:

  • Track Search Ranking – How your app ranks for specific keyword search terms.  Also tracks performance over time.
  • Category Ranking – For example, how Gratitude Journey does in it’s category ‘Lifestyle’
  • View Reviews without having to log into iTunes Connect
  • Guidance on how to optimize your meta keywords
  • Keep tabs on your competitors keywords, reviews, rankings, etc
  • Review your downloads geographically

keyword table

Prana to the People has used App Store Rankings since the launch of Gratitude Journey (gratitude journal iPhone app) to monitor performance and the experience has been great.  Check it out.

What Types of People use Gratitude Journals?

girl and diaryKeeping a gratitude journal is a simple, daily practice that can be used to generate long-term happiness.  Each day, you take a few minutes to reflect on and record the things in your life that you’re grateful for.  Where did this practice come from?  Who first started keeping gratitude journals and what types of people use them now?  Since we created the Gratitude Journey gratitude journal app, we get this question quite often.  Gratitude journals originally gained popularity as an effective method to treat depression.  Therapists advise patients to focus on the good in their lives as a method to shift their mindsets.  Nowadays, the practice reaches a quite impressive and diverse demographic.  People from all walks of life are using gratitude journals to help manifest success and happiness in their lives.

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