10 Ways to Show Gratitude at Work

happy officeMost adults spend a majority of their waking hours at the workplace.  By simply showing a bit of gratitude and appreciation for your coworkers, you have the ability to transform your workplace into a fun and enjoyable environment for yourself and the hardworking people around you.  One of the biggest gifts you can give another is gratitude; for their efforts, for their commitment, and for their help.

Shawn Achor, founder and CEO of Good Think, Inc., says “the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged workforce.”  Whether you intend to show your gratitude for your boss, support team, or peers, here are 10 effective ways to show gratitude in the workplace.

  1. Offer praise for a job well done.  A thank you letter or email goes a long way in encouragement.  
  2. Bring back take-out for those stuck in the office due to a demanding project.
  3. Speak in a calming a respectful tone even when stress levels are high.
  4. Let their manager know if someone is going above and beyond, excelling in their position.
  5. When others are experiencing a challenging day listen empathetically, without feeling the need to respond or resolve their issues.  Many times, others just need to feel heard.
  6. Give flowers on special occasions (e.g.: Secretary’s Day, Mother’s Day, or virtually any time someone does a great job)
  7. Show interest in your coworker’s personal lives.  It doesn’t always have to be about business.
  8. Be on time to meetings and help encourage meetings to end on time.
  9. Help others with their workloads if your schedule permits.
  10. Greet your coworkers in the morning with a friendly smile.

The workplace does not need to be a unenjoyable environment unless we allow it to be.  By simply showing a little gratitude, you can “be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandi).