10 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Friends

friends that hugExpressing gratitude is a vital part of life and an effective way to enrich the relationships you share with your friends.  Everyone feels good when appreciated.   Often, our friends are a common topic in our gratitude journals and gratitude journal app entries (Check out Gratitude Journey here).  Here are 10 ways you can directly express gratitude to your friends and let them know just how much you care about them.

1. Express joy to your friends

It feels good when the person you love smiles at you and expresses the joy in their heart. Be light, smile often, and laugh without restraint.  When you share happiness, you are acknowledging them for being a part of your life.

2. Listen to friends who are hurt

When your friends are hurt, try simply listening rather than giving advice.  Very often we are looking for the perfect, magical thing to say to help out our friends in need.  Instead, listen with full attention and presence, without judgement.

3. Tell your friends that you love them

The people you love don’t need to guess. Be proactive and tell your friends that you love and appreciate them.

4. Verbally share with your friends

When you share with your friends, whether they be pleasant or unpleasant topics, you are expressing that you trust them and their advice.  Trust is a symbol of strong ties in a strong relationship.

5. Hug your friends

Who doesn’t love a hug? Appreciating your loved ones offers them a world of goodness.

6. Spend time in nature enjoying the beauty of creation

In this world, it is easy to forget that enjoying and appreciating nature is part of life. Stepping outside of our urban lives  gives you and your friends the chance to know one another in a better way.

7. Volunteer your time

The scarcest resource in life is time. Offering your time to your loved ones is a major way to express your gratitude.

8. Offering direct thanks for specific gestures

When your friends do generous things for you, express the love back by thanking them specifically for what they’ve done.  This allows them to feel appreciated for their recent contribution in your life, and that their generosity is not going unnoticed. It is also a way of sustaining the continuity of your strong relationship with your friends.

9. By offering Gifts

You can offer gifts to your friends as a way of giving thanks and expressing love to your friends. Keepsakes and thoughtful treasures act as physical reminders of an expression of gratitude.

10. Compliment and motivate your friends

Motivate your friends by praising them for the skills and talents that they excel in.  Encourage your friends to participate in new activities and offer to be their buddy in this adventure.