Top 10 Gratitude Journal Entries

gratitude journalA gratitude journal is a diary where one can express their gratitude for the things that make their life pleasant, happy, and meaningful.  By simply acknowledging and recording your gratefulness, over time, ones capacity for appreciation grows and a general outlook towards life takes on a happier tone. conducted a survey to determine what people are most thankful for.  As expected, results vary across demographics, gender, and age, but a few stand out as common among all.  If you’re looking for some inspiration for writing entries in your gratitude journal, here’s what others are grateful for.

Summary of the report: From a sample set of over 25,000 entries, the following themes were found.  You could read the data as, for example, “45.19% of the entries mentioned people”

  1. People (45.19%) The most common gratitude journal entry was in reference to people.  The most common entry was “friends”, however “family” closely followed.  This comes as no surprise as it is commonly said that personal relationships are the foundation for lasting happiness.  The category also includes people that one may not have met, such as personal heroes, celebrities, doctors, and good samaritans.
  2. Self (19.13%) This is a broad category which includes life experiences, personal opportunities, and personal traits, such as inner strength, honesty, courage, and health.  We particularly acknowledge the importance of being grateful for the self, as it is common to downplay the contributions and characteristics that make-up oneself.   For a quick pick-me-up, take sometime and ask your friends and family why they love you.
  3. Inspiration (19.2%) Inspirational concepts (life, hope, beauty) and spirituality were a common theme among gratitude journal entries.  One particular entry we liked, “Remembering that a possibility was born on the day that I was born.”
  4. Things (18.6%) Most of the entries in the category referred to life-sustaining things such as food and drinks.  We believe that “ice cream” should be written in capital letters in everyone’s gratitude journal.  This category also includes possessions like clothes, cars, beds, and homes.
  5. Activities (13.2%) Not surprisingly, the most common gratitude journal entry in this category is: sleep (also our favorite).  Also included is travel, vacation, sports, school, exercise, and playing games.
  6. Nature (9.85%) Animals (pets included), trees, flowers, beaches, the ocean, lakes, Earth, seasons and weather.  Anyone who lives in a cold climate can certainly appreciate a warm sunny day.
  7. Feelings (9.10%) This includes beautiful concepts such as love, happiness, peace and positive emotions.
  8. Entertainment/Technology (8.28%) Let’s face it. While sometimes our cell phones are the bane of our existence  where would we be without them?  Technology provides us with convenience.  Laptops, phones, GPS, Internet, Facebook, movies, books, and TV shows made up over 8% of the entries.
  9. Money/Job  (7.52%) People are grateful for their jobs, meaningful work and the ability to pay their bills and provide.
  10. Place: cities, neighborhoods, libraries, etc (2.17%) Certain places are special to us.  Perhaps its your hometown or your favorite city to vacation in.  Or maybe its your favorite coffee shop, or place to grab breakfast.

If you happen to get stuck trying to think about what to write down in your gratitude journal, jump into one of these categories and brainstorm.  This world and its people are wonderful, and deserve to be acknowledged for it.  Happy journaling.

Download the full report: here