Gratitude Journey 2.0 Released: Social Sharing


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” - William Arthur Ward

One of the most powerful actions you can take for the betterment of yourself and the ones around you is to experience gratitude and express it to others.  Being acknowledged is indisputably heart-warming for the receiver, but just by giving thanks, you’ll grow in unexpected ways.

In a clinical study performed by Professor of Psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania, experimenters found that the expression of gratitude greatly amplified the beneficial aspects of being grateful.

During the experiment, participants where asked to perform a ‘gratitude visit’ in which they were asked to thank a person whom they were grateful for, with a personally delivered, hand written letter.

The instructions went as follows:

  1.  Think of an individual who had been particularly kind to you, yet had not been properly thanked
  2. In a gratitude journal, reflect on the benefits you received from this persons actions
  3. Hand write a letter, expressing your thanks and gratitude for what they’ve done for you
  4. Setup a time to personally deliver the letter and spend some time together

As expected, the results were profound.  Compared to a control group who simply wrote in their journals about the person but hadn’t delivered a letter, participants had reported more instances of happiness in a set period of time.  Less complaining occurred, motivation increased, and less health issues were reported in the participating group.  Most importantly, strengthened relationships had been formed between the participants and the recipients of the letters.

Gratitude Journey’s Releases Social Sharing

gratitude journey logoAcknowledging the requests from Gratitude Journey users, we are happy to say that we have integrated one-touch Facebook sharing into Gratitude Journey.  With a tap of the screen, you now have the option to post your gratitude entries on your Facebook wall.  This new feature will offer users an opportunity to share their gratitude with others and increase the happiness of their communities.  We invite you to open your heart and hope you enjoy this new feature.

Bullying Must be Stopped

The Much-Overlooked Problem of Bullying

say no to bullyingBullying is a major problem in American school systems.

  • In the US alone, each day 160,000 children avoid school due to fear of bullying
  • 14% of K-12 students has reported to be a victim of bullying
  • 71% percent of students admit to bullying being a problem at their school

Even more upsetting is the following statistic: Victims of bullying are 2-9 times more likely to commit suicide (source: Yale University).  Bullying includes name calling, isolation, physical threats and even physical abuse.  No precious child should ever have to endure any of this, ever.   Especially in school, where parents expect their children to be nurtured in a safe environment.

Bully, a documentary released in 2012, gives an excellent portrayal of the severity of this issue and the effect it has on its young victims.  Please take 2 minutes of your time to watch this short trailer.



It’s Time to Take a Stand

Each quarter, Prana to the People chooses a fund for which to donate the profits of our gratitude journal app.  This quarter we’ve selected No Bully (visit site here). No Bully’s mission is to bring innovative, sustainable solutions to bullying, harassment and violence in schools.  Awareness is the solution.  Once awareness reaches a critical mass and kids learn that bullying is actually “not cool”, we’ll have the paradigm shift we’ve been looking for.

How can you help?  Two options:

  • Spend $0.99 on Gratitude Journey (Prana’s gratitude journal iPhone app) and your contribution will go straight to No Bully
  • Contribute directly to No Bullyhere

If you’re passionate about fair treatment of all people, especially our little ones, please help out this cause.  Bullying is a solvable problem and it’s within our hands to make a contribution for the betterment of our planet.  Thank you so much for reading.

Matt signature, the CEO

Matt Elmore
CEO, Prana to the People

Prana to the People is a non-profit company with two main goals.  First, to leverage modern technology in order to spread happiness.  This is the motivation for the release of the iPhone gratitude journal app, Gratitude Journey. The second and most important goal is to take all of the profits generated by the app and funnel them to non-profits that are dear to our hearts.

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prana takes on the issue of bullying

10 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Friends

friends that hugExpressing gratitude is a vital part of life and an effective way to enrich the relationships you share with your friends.  Everyone feels good when appreciated.   Often, our friends are a common topic in our gratitude journals and gratitude journal app entries (Check out Gratitude Journey here).  Here are 10 ways you can directly express gratitude to your friends and let them know just how much you care about them.

1. Express joy to your friends

It feels good when the person you love smiles at you and expresses the joy in their heart. Be light, smile often, and laugh without restraint.  When you share happiness, you are acknowledging them for being a part of your life.

2. Listen to friends who are hurt

When your friends are hurt, try simply listening rather than giving advice.  Very often we are looking for the perfect, magical thing to say to help out our friends in need.  Instead, listen with full attention and presence, without judgement.
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Video: Gratitude Journal App Review

Renown App reviewer, Kid Guru, gives awesome feedback on Gratitude Journey: the All-in-one Gratitude Journal App.  Check out what he has to say about Gratitude Journey’s features and get a sneak peak on what the app can do for improving your happiness.

10 Ways to Show Gratitude to your Family

happy familySamuel Johnson, esteemed 18th century English poet, wrote, “To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labour tends.” It is important to show your family that you appreciate them. This can be done by creating and adding to your own family gratitude journal.

Most parents are continuously reminding their children to do their chores and clean their rooms.  They are so busy focusing on what their children do not do, that they forget what their children actually do for them.

On the other hand, most children compare their parents to other parents.  They feel as if they have a raw deal because their parents do not buy them the latest gadgets, toys, etc.  Children often forget to be grateful for what their parents actually do for them.

Here are 10 easy ways to show gratitude in your home:

1. Keep a gratitude journal

Record every simple loving gesture that your family does for each other in a gratitude journal.  This journal can be kept in a central place and any family member can add to it at any time.  Sharing gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to increase the benefits of gratitude.
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10 Ways to Show Gratitude at Work

happy officeMost adults spend a majority of their waking hours at the workplace.  By simply showing a bit of gratitude and appreciation for your coworkers, you have the ability to transform your workplace into a fun and enjoyable environment for yourself and the hardworking people around you.  One of the biggest gifts you can give another is gratitude; for their efforts, for their commitment, and for their help.

Shawn Achor, founder and CEO of Good Think, Inc., says “the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged workforce.”  Whether you intend to show your gratitude for your boss, support team, or peers, here are 10 effective ways to show gratitude in the workplace.

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Cool Utility for App Developers

Developers, looking for a handy tool that lets you track performance on the Apple App Store?  Check out App Store Rankings.

App Store Rankings’ free plan includes the ability to:

  • Track Search Ranking – How your app ranks for specific keyword search terms.  Also tracks performance over time.
  • Category Ranking – For example, how Gratitude Journey does in it’s category ‘Lifestyle’
  • View Reviews without having to log into iTunes Connect
  • Guidance on how to optimize your meta keywords
  • Keep tabs on your competitors keywords, reviews, rankings, etc
  • Review your downloads geographically

keyword table

Prana to the People has used App Store Rankings since the launch of Gratitude Journey (gratitude journal iPhone app) to monitor performance and the experience has been great.  Check it out.

What Types of People use Gratitude Journals?

girl and diaryKeeping a gratitude journal is a simple, daily practice that can be used to generate long-term happiness.  Each day, you take a few minutes to reflect on and record the things in your life that you’re grateful for.  Where did this practice come from?  Who first started keeping gratitude journals and what types of people use them now?  Since we created the Gratitude Journey gratitude journal app, we get this question quite often.  Gratitude journals originally gained popularity as an effective method to treat depression.  Therapists advise patients to focus on the good in their lives as a method to shift their mindsets.  Nowadays, the practice reaches a quite impressive and diverse demographic.  People from all walks of life are using gratitude journals to help manifest success and happiness in their lives.

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10 Gratitude Quotes to Live By

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s 10 beautiful quotes from inspirational game changers from past to present.

  1. “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
 ― Oprah Winfrey

    oprah winfrey

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Top 10 Gratitude Journal Entries

gratitude journalA gratitude journal is a diary where one can express their gratitude for the things that make their life pleasant, happy, and meaningful.  By simply acknowledging and recording your gratefulness, over time, ones capacity for appreciation grows and a general outlook towards life takes on a happier tone. conducted a survey to determine what people are most thankful for.  As expected, results vary across demographics, gender, and age, but a few stand out as common among all.  If you’re looking for some inspiration for writing entries in your gratitude journal, here’s what others are grateful for.

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